by Robson Bros Robson Bros

One of the best things about living in Western Australia is the seemingly endless roads and off-roads just begging to be explored. Our state has so many 4WD hot spots that you can take a day, a weekend, up to several months and still be forging new paths.
No matter the time of year or the terrain you want to conquer it’s important to properly prepare and pack your 4WD for the ultimate road trip experience. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in the middle of nowhere when simple maintenance could have kept you moving.

Your car needs to be in great shape top to bottom before you test your mettle in the WA outback. We can’t stress this enough, check everything you can, then double check it, then get someone else to check it again. Here’s a list of things to tick off:

  • Lights working (including trailers or caravans)
  • Fluids topped up
  • Tyres in good condition, enough tread, no punctures or leaks, (always bring a spare!)
  • Belts in good condition
  • Suspension and power steering safe for off road
  • Air compressor packed
  • Plenty of water and emergency supplies (torch, flare, EPIRB, jumper cables)
  • CB radio or satellite phone working with full signal
  • Good battery level in the main and spare
  • Jerry can full of the correct fuel

We can’t count the number of frayed belts, cracked suspension systems, and faulty batteries we have seen in seemingly healthy cars. To avoid anything spoiling your 4WD road trip, bring your vehicle in to Perth’s most trusted 4WD centre for a thorough check.

Thanks to this wonderful thing called “The Internet”, planning and sharing your road trip route is easy. We use a combination of Google Maps and Main Roads WA’s public maps to make sure the route is clear and safe, especially in the wet season.
You can’t always rely on having signal in Western Australia’s vast regional and remote areas. Satellite navigation systems are very handy if they can guarantee full coverage. It’s also a great idea to take old school paper printed directions and map books as a backup.

Road trip essentials 
Once you have the car serviced and packed and the route nailed down you need:

  • Something to listen to

Download your favourite tunes on your music streaming service, iPod, or even the old CDs. Podcasts and audiobooks can also be a great way to pass the long hours by getting engrossed in a good story.

  • Something to eat

Chips, lollies, and biscuits are a must and remember to take some healthy energy like bananas, fruit bars and nut mixes to keep you fuelled.

  • Something to do

Everyone has a favourite road trip game. Try playing the ABC game, the Licence Plate game, Explain a Film Plot Badly, The Picnic Game, or the old faithful 20 Questions.

  • Power

Consider getting a USB charger or 240V converter for the cigarette lighter, for things like your music, but also for your mobile phone in case of emergency. Just remember that this does drain the battery if the car is not running.

Road trip ready
Get out there and explore all the on road and off-road adventures Western Australia has to offer! You can pack so much adventure into your 4WD but make sure you do it safely. Come in and see Robson Bros 4WD centre for a pre-adventure checkand you will be on your way in no time.