At the heart of every four wheel drive vehicle is a suspension system capable of carrying the vehicle anywhere you want to take it. Whether that’s on road or very far off road, your suspension system needs to be fine tuned to meet the challenges you throw at it.

Dodgy suspension can get you in real trouble when you take your vehicle off road. The last thing you want is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a busted shock absorber and no way home.

Not only do Robson Brothers repair 4WD suspension systems, we can also give you the best advice from more than 20 years of servicing the Perth 4WD community. In that time we have seen it all, we can arrange supply from a number of reputable brands. Outback Armour is our suspension supplier of choice, Outback Armour suspension kits are designed and engineered in Australia to provide the strength, durability and reliability required for demanding off-road conditions.

Outback Armour’s adjustable range offers the driver the freedom to adjust the height of the front struts and adjust the internal valving of the shock absorbers. Adjustable internal bypass provides 20+ stages of velocity sensitive tuning of damping control. Dial in the front and rear adjustments as and when required to suit the accessories or cargo loads, terrain, conditions and personal comfort preferences.

Robson Brothers 4WD service and repair the full range of 4WD suspension parts including:

  • Worn/leaking shock absorbers
  • Bush replacement
  • Coil spring replacement
  • Ball joint
  • Control arms
  • leaf springs and more

We engineer 4WD suspension systems to strike the perfect balance between on road comfort and off road performance. As Perth’s premier 4WD service centre we have the expertise and tools to get you anywhere you want to go.