The Western Australian outback can get hot – like, really hot. With temperatures soaring above 50ºC in the summer months any off-road vehicle needs to be fitted with efficient, reliable air conditioning. The hot sun does have its advantages though, especially for those off-road adventurers with professionally installed solar panels.

Vehicles with poorly maintained electrics overheat, or blow a fuse and break down all the time, even in cooler weather. To avoid being stranded in the middle of nowhere with electrical problems call Robson Brothers 4WD to book an inspection and get expert advice from our fully qualified team of off-road mechanics.

We partner with qualified auto electricians to service, replace and install electrical components to your vehicle including:

  • Repair and re-gas air conditioning
  • Replace a faulty AC system
  • Bush replacement
  • Install solar panels
  • Dual battery systems
  • Light bars
  • Brake controllers and more

For safety in the great outdoors it is important to have your air conditioning and electrics regularly maintained by a 4WD service professional. With so many vital accessories relying on the vehicle’s electrics you risk getting seriously stranded if you overlook the electrical system when preparing for a 4×4 trip.